Coffee house

Hotel guests can enjoy their breakfast served as a menu in comfortable Lounge Cafe & Bar. There is a choice of eggs (omeletts, scrambled, sunny side up ,...), toast or something sweet. You will get espresso and fresh juice with your breakfast.

The cafe offers coffee Mauro and during warm days you may order frappe with different flavours, iced cafe or iced chocolate. For those who like to try something new, we offer fresh youghurt with fruit. If you are a non-coffee drinker, you may have some tea of high quality, tees from fresh ingredients or unusual baked tea. For evening relax you will enjoy mixed alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks with your friends. Wine lovers would be delighted by wine card offering high quality wine from Slovakia and luxury champagne. During summer you can enjoy good cold draft beer with some snack. The facility of Lounge Cafe & Bar  is suitable for business or social events up to 50 people.

Reservation online is possible.

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