General terms and conditions



General terms

  1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as „GTC“), are approved by company IVK s.r.o., with the seat at Cikkerova 5, 974 01 Banská Bystrica, ID: 36 054 003, registered in Obchodný register Okresného súdu in Banská Bystrica (Business register of district court in Banská Bystrica), part.: Sro, enlisted under: 7690/S.
  2. Terms and notions defined bellow are meant as follows with the exception of context requiring different application of meaning:
  1. Hotel – accommodation property, on commercial purpose marked as URPÍN CITY,
  2. Client - every natural or legal entity, concluding a service agreement with the Hotel or submitting a binding order containing information according to 2.4 of GTC.
  3. Service – any service provided or delivered by Hotel according to the objects of Hotel business, mainly accommodation.
  1. This GTC apply on all contractual relations, where Hotel as a provider of services and Client as its receiver are present and the application of GTC is not contractually excluded.



Reservation, booking of services

  1. Reservation is confirmed by Hotel after receiving an order from a Client.
  2. Order can be submitted:
  1. by phone,
  2. in writing,
  3. by electronic means.
  1. Order must contain:
  1. Client’s name and surname,
  2. Date of stay,
  3. Contact details of a Client:
  • phone number,
  • address,
  • e-mail,
  1. Number of accommodated guests given in pattern of adults, children (age of a child)
  2. Kind of ordered services.
  1. Hotel confirms or rejects the reservation within 24 hours.
  2. The confirmation can be provided in writing, by phone or electronic means.



Rates per room services and payment

  1. Client is obliged to pay the agreed price for provided services or services and expenses  that Client requests the Hotel to make over against third parties.
  2. The prices of hotel services are based on current valid price list.
  3. Agreed price is the price listed in order confirmation. Otherwise the price shown in price list is valid.
  4. The prices shown at the time of booking include VAT and exclude any local tax.
  5. In the case of publishing special price after order confirmation, Client is not entitled to claim price reduction .
  6. Special offers and discounts cannot be combined.
  7. On the day of arrival, Client is obliged to pay for the whole stay in cash, by credit card or debit card at reception desk.
  8. In the case of groups (order of 10 rooms or more), Client is obliged to pay 70% of total price in advance, at least 30 days before arrival date.
  9. Cancellation charge is meant as contractual compensation covering also the damage caused to the hotel in case of breaching contract by the Client.
  10. Cancellation charge is a percentage of the agreed price of services.
  11. No charge will made if Client with booked 5 or less rooms cancels reservation at least 24 hours before planned arrival date.
  12. Hotel does enforce cancellation charge in the amount of 100% of the total cost of stay  if Client with 5 or less booked rooms cancels the reservation within 24 hours of arrival date.
  13. Cancellation policy If more than 5 rooms are booked: cancellation more than 7 days before planned arrival: No cancellation fee, cancellation 1-7 days before planned arrival: 10% of booked rooms, cancellation less than 24 hours before planned arrival : 100% of booked rooms.
  14. Customer has the right to cancel ordered services for meeting room in writing, personally or by the phone. Amount of the cancellation fee depends on the day of cancellation prior to the start of ordered services. Cancellation fee in case of cancellation: 3 or more days before planned event - No cancellation fee, cancellation 1-2 days before planned event: 20% of booked services, cancellation less tahn 24 hours before planned event: 100% of booked services.





Accommodation services

  1. Client can check in from 14.00 arrival day unless agreed otherwise. Hotel is obliged to make the room available for Client no later than 18.00.
  2. Client is required to leave the room till 11.00am. In case of delayed leaving, hotel is entitled to charge 100% of list price without contractual duty to provide any service related to hotel or accommodation.
  3. If Client has no reservation or order confirmation in written, check-in till 18:00 is required unless agreed otherwise. If check-in is delayed after this time, hotel is entitled to offer the room or more rooms to another Client.
  4. If hotel cannot rent the room in case of vis major, but the Client can submit the reservation in written confirmation and room has been pre-paid already; the hotel is obliged to provide alternative accommodation.
  5. Under exceptional circumstances, Hotel reserves the right to offer comparable accommodation, unless it is substantially different from the original confirmed order.
  6. Client has the right to receive all services agreed in the original confirmed order.
  7. Hotel is responsible for damage caused on brought and stored items. Brought items are defined as objects passed to the hotel staff individual for purpose of storage. Hotel is not responsible for jewellery, money and other valuable content stored outside the hotel safe. Therefore we recommend to use hotel safe at reception desk.
  8. Client is not allowed to use own electric appliances except shaver, hair dryer etc.
  9. Small pets can be accommodated only with the previous confirmation of the hotel. Such stay is charged according to current price list. Client is responsible for all damages caused by pet during stay. Animals cannot be left unattended in a room. Client is obliged to respect all hotel regulations related to dog accommodation.
  10. Hotel can longer the Client’s stay only in case of unoccupied room.
  11. If requested by Client, reception staff gets medical aid to the Client and is entitled to charge cash compensation for any cost related to medical treatment.
  12. The contractual binding is considered to be terminated on the day of departure by final account payment. Client is obliged to pay the debt on the spot on the day of departure by cash, credit or debit card, unless agreed otherwise.
  13. In case of premature termination, hotel has the right to charge the total price of stay according to original reservation.
  14. Client is responsible for all damages caused by him during his stay in hotel. Legal representative (e.g. parent, guardian) takes responsibility for damage caused by children.
  15. Hotel is entitled to withdraw the contract immediately in the case of: 
  1. having legitimate reason that the usage of hotel services can harm operation, safety or it could have negative impact on public opinion related to seriousness of the hotel – the owner cannot be blamed in such case
  2. behaviour bothering other Clients
  3. health conditions of a Client may pose a threat to other clients or hotel staff
  4. vis major.
  1. Client has no claim for compensation in the rightful case of withdrawal the contract by the hotel.
  2. Claim of the Client is the subject of valid Complaint Policy and Procedure document of the hotel.
  3. Under hygiene regulations, Hotel is entitled to inspect the Client’s room, check the conditions and  perform cleaning service during all his stay.
  4. Stay of a Client is the subject of Accommodation Rules, that can be found in written in each room and at the reception desk of a hotel. Accommodation Rules are binding for the Client.



Personal Data Protection

In accordance with the Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on Personal Data Protection, Client hereby declares, that he understands his rights and duties related to obtaining and processing of personal data according to this Act. For the time necessary to ensure rights and obligations arising from the business relationship between client and supplier, Client grants a consent to process personal data, stated in the order, on the purpose of carrying out the provision of ordered services and on purposes imposed by the Law, as well as on the purpose of marketing needs of the supplier. In the case of marketing needs, the consent can be withdrawn after agreement of both sides or after delivery of written request of the Client to the Hotel.



Final Provisions

  1. These GTC and legal relations raised on their basis shall be interpreted and applied under Slovak Law.
  2. Client grants consent with these GTC by order delivery to the hotel, subjective cancellation of provided services or check in.


In Banská Bystrica on 1st March 2014