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The Thurzo´s House
City hall
Clock tower
The Matej´s House
Garden – Centre of Independent Culture
Jazz Klub 12
State opera

Kapitol Fitness center
Ice rink
Pool Štiavničky
Aqualand – Beach pool

Ministry of Fun
Kapitol pub

Castle Ľupča
Wooden articular church in Hronsek
Špania Dolina
Badín´s primeval forest
Harmanecká cave


 Historical buildings and museums

The Thurzo´s House

  • The oldest building in SNP Square
  • Double-decked renaissance building built on older gothic fundaments.
  • Originally served as representative house, which has become a seat of Thurzo-Fugger Company. This company in its time exported copper from nearby mountains to all of Europe
  • Nowadays is a seat of social exposition of The Central Slovakia Museum with many archaeological objects, medieval weapons, coins, and copies of historical documents. The Exposition is focused on mining issues, guilds, crafts and manufactories.


City hall

  • Began as an alliance of two burg houses.
  • In 1671, when city and the old City hall Praetorium were occupied by German imperial army, took over the position of the first seat of Banska Bystrica councillors.
  • Building was renovated several times and reconstructed in different architectonical styles, current form gained after the big fire in 1761
  • In the new City hall is the replica of historical mayor´s chair together with other replicas.


Clock tower

  • The most inclined building in Slovakia, its location provides panoramic view of Banska Bystrica and its surrounding.
  • From the beginning of 20th. Century tower gradually deviates from its axis, today achieved deviation of 68 cm, that is clearly visible, according to rumours, the tower inclined angels, that knocked together and caught its top while flying in the night over the roof
  • Called also “weight office“ , because it was located next to the building of Municipal Scales
  • Under the clock tower was located Municipal prison and Torture Chamber, which was a direct way to cage of shame and pillory
  • From its construction, the clock tower burned down several times, was more times renovated and reconstructed



The Matej´s House

  • Was built in 1479 inside the Town Castle and was incorporated to the Mining Bastion; it is a tall four-floor building built right next to the Slovak Church
  • In October 2009, after the Matej´s House reconstruction, The Central Slovakia Museum has opened the new public exposition dedicated to history of Banska Bystrica.



Garden – Centre of Independent Culture

  • Is a non-profit organisation, which initially functioned as a informal group of artists, cultural managers and volunteers
  • Today is also a meeting place for different people and communities
  • Common area in historical part of the city is used as multifunctional theatre studio with open dramaturgy and also as a relaxing area in city park, seasonal volunteers are taking care of this centre
  • Garden park offers the possibility to organize various events and free time activities.



Jazz Club 12

  • Club in the centre of Banská Bystrica on Horná street 12 (opposite the Main post Office), focused on jazz and blues.



State opera (located in the National House, app. 50 m away from hotel Urpin City Residence)

  • Declared as a national landmark
  • Constructed in 1927 – 29 and designed by famous Slovak architect Emil Belus
  • Ensemble is built by permanent soloists, choir and ballet part
  • Option to rent costumes
  • Organisation of private concerts and other events
  • Monthly program to see at the hotel reception




Kapitol Fitness Centre (Kapitulská 12 – app. 5 min. from hotel away)

  • Focused on the needs of cardio training and bodybuilding
  • Part of the fitness centre is also a bar and shop with energy and protein drinks.


Ice rink (Hronské Predmestie – app. 15 min. from hotel away)

  • public ice skating, hockey games



Pool Štiavničky (Cesta na štadión 30)

  • swimming pool 50m, baby pool with fountain, relaxation pool with whirlpool jets
  • water slide, steam sauna, sauna world, massages
  • stylish restaurant



Aqualand – Beach pool (Švermova 45)

  • 6 pools, 2 water slides, 4-runway water slide, kids fun park
  • 3 beach volleyball courts, 2 soccer courts, 18 hole minigolf
  • bowling, badminton, table tennis
  • lake with area of 2,5ha and sand beach, water bikes



 Night entertainment

Ministry of Fun (Na troskách 25 – in building of Europa Shopping Center, app. 15 min. walk from hotel)

Kapitol pub (Kapitulská 10 – app. 5 min. walk from hotel)



 Attractions of wider surroundings

Castle Ľupča (app. 10 km from Banská Bystrica in mountains above Slovenská Ľupča)

  • First written mention is from 1250, when was Castle Ľupča was owned by Ugrian king Belo IV.

Wooden articular church in Hronsek (10 km from hotel)

  • was built only from wood without using any nail and has a capacity of 1,100 seats

Špania Dolina (11 km from hotela)

  • Mountain village with a mining tradition, heritage of folks architecture

Badín´s primeval forest (app. 13 km from hotel)

  • Nature reserve area of 30 hectares

Harmanecká cave (15 km from hotel towards Donovaly)

  • Cave has a fissure-rush character
  • Top wall of the cave is made up from pure calcite and that´s why is Harmanecká cave called also White cave

Donovaly (app. 25 km from Banská Bystrica)

  • Winter and summer resort
  • Skiing – 17 ski slopes, night skiing, cross-country skiing
  • Children´s ski school
  • Bobsled, hiking, fairy tale world Habakuky of Pavol Dobšinkský